I discovered a magic toy. It’s a device that produces a little red laser dot. Maya goes bananas when I press the button and will frantically pursue the elusive dot all over the living room with woofs and whimpers. She digs at the carpet if I leave it in one place too long. She will keep this frantic chasing as long as I keep the dot moving. She sometimes comes up to try to bite the device I hold in my hand. I turn off the dot and tell her the little red dot is gone. She gives me a frantic woof, wagging her tail frantically until I turn the dot back on. For a quiet little dog (unless another dog walks by the house) she is a different animal. Bound and determined to catch that dot no matter what it takes. On days when I was unable to take her for her walk, this makes for great exercise! When I feel she is panting and nearly worn out, I turn off the dot and tell her the little dot has gone. Her disappointment is pathetic. I let her rest and we go through our bedtime routine, but I look over and she is on her side of the bed, head hanging over and looking forlorn. When she twitches sometimes in the middle of the night, I imagine she is dreaming as dogs do, perhaps finally catching the little red dot!



Photo by Eva Bronzini from Pexels