Every year our church does a Christmas concert. For the past three years I’ve been blessed to still be able to sing in the choir. I’ve been singing all my life, but voices change over the years. As long as the Lord enables me, I’ll keep singing. Last year the music was a little different. Perhaps not as much continuity, but this year the music flows! It is called “Song of Joy” and I love the music. Our choir director, Nathan, is a multi-talented musician who makes choir practice fun every week. He works us hard, but with a little humor tossed in here and there, we all do our best for him. I’ve been in many churches over the years, when I was seeking God and so can truthfully say, this is the best church I have found. The name of Christ is lifted up each week and He is honored in all we do. Many, many missionaries are sent out from our church and supported by us. What a blessing, knowing that our gifts and tithes are sending the Word of God around the world. A double blessing when the missionaries visit on their sabbaticals and tell us of how the work has reached “unchurched” people around the world. Most of us cannot go out and do this, but each in our way, with prayers and monetary gifts aid in all they do. We can send our Christmas concert out to those who can get the internet and that includes our own families who are scattered across the country. Look for the concert after Sunday that will be streamed on YouTube and other channels. Blessings to all of you.



Photo by Laura James from Pexels.