My last novel came out in August of 2020, and then everything went kaput! COVID was in full swing, my editor informed me that they were only going to do non-fiction for now and would increase their gift line. Lots of people made adjustments during that time, and of course everyone was wearing masks! Then on top of that, my agent of 15 years, was experiencing severe health problems and had to make the difficult decision to close the agency. After 15 years, I was suddenly in the market for a new literary agent, which, as I discovered was no easy task. They wanted sales numbers, platforms, marketing strategies, etc. At 85, though I am still writing a lot of things, I felt overwhelmed. By this year I really felt out of the loop. A friend who edits books is finishing the final go through on a novel I’ve resurrected, and my first children’s book came out on Amazon recently to many favorable comments. But I need contacts, so signed up for a conference in March of 2024, and plan on attending the huge ACFW conference in September. Maybe, just maybe, I can make some connections again. In the meantime, a second children’s book is in the works!



Photo by Life Of Pix by Pexels.