As all of us are keenly aware, there are a lot of homeless on the streets! They are on almost every street intersection with their cardboard signs. Sometimes they are smoking, and I feel that at the price of cigarettes these days, if they can afford that, they don’t need help as much as they say they do. Some touch my heart right away, and I feel that little prompting from the Lord to give them something. Doesn’t God say ‘Do no hesitate to entertain strangers, for they might be an angel in disguise.’ I keep that in mind, but being on a budget myself and a senior citizen, I am also careful. What is the answer to this problem? Affordable housing is only a partial fix and takes time. Many of these folks have mental health issues; we’ve seen them walking the streets talking to themselves and gesturing to no one in particular. Others look ill and possibly in need of medical help. And yes, there is a major drug problem among the homeless, along with other issues. With over 35,000 homeless in San Diego (at last count) and the illegal immigrants coming across our border every day, it would seem that the powers that are in charge really don’t care about the average citizen of our city! Let’s start interviewing them and find out what they need. If they don’t want help and just like their free and easy lifestyle, then as one neighbor suggested, find out where they came from and give them a one-way ticket home!!



Photo by Timur Weber from Pexels.