Well, for the uninitiated, KOPS stands for Keeping Off Pounds Sensibly. That is the result of belonging to TOPS, Take Off Pounds Sensibly. I’ve talked about TOPS before. It’s a weight loss group that depends on incentives to encourage weight loss rather than recommending a specific diet. You have a doctor recommend the best weight for you, and that is your goal. When you reach your goal, you become a KOPS (You have Kept Off Pounds Sensibly.) You now have a leeway of 3 pounds over your goal weight or 7 pounds under your goal weight. The difference is that prior to making KOPS, every time you gain even 2 ounces, you can’t sign contests, get poker chip or sign the board. With the holidays I lost my KOPS status. I was 3 pounds over my leeway. I had two weeks to get back in KOPS status. I’ve worked hard and I think I’ve made it this week! (I like having the leeway!)



Photo by Pixabay