In a portion of my part of town, on Christmas Eve, many of the neighbors get together and place luminaries on their porches, sidewalks, and driveways. Houses are decorated, some spectacularly, and they have tables set up on one street to serve cookies, hot coffee, and hot cider (with or without rum). All is free, courtesy of the local residents. There seems to be a very nice comradery among the people. Everyone is in the Christmas mood. Across the street a saxophone ensemble played Christmas carols. There was even a bass sax, which I had never seen. People toured the streets, some I suspect in fancy Christmas pajamas, but everyone was in a festive mood and most in Christmas attire. A friend was going to go with me but she was sick and so I went alone. I ran into another friend and her mom to hang out with and it was a nice interlude. I went from there to a large Presbyterian church nearby and was treated to a wonderful Christmas musical program. We lit candles out on the patio after the program and sang a couple of Christmas carols. All in all, a lovely way to prepare for Christmas Day and the baby that was born on that day for all mankind.