Why do we blog? To share some ideas? To advertise something? It’s fun, but unless you have 1,000 followers, is it worth the time spent? I love sharing with my readers and getting feedback, but I wonder who is reading my blog? Is there something they would like me to talk about? I did a podcast once but it got a little complicated for me. It seems everyone is blogging or podcasting and there are hundreds if not thousands of podcasts to look into. Then there is YouTube. If you want to know how to do something, someone has made a video telling you how to do that! Then there is the internet. You can find anything on the internet. Who spent time putting in that information? My oldest son wanted an apple/berry/cherry pie for Christmas. A what? Okay, check the internet. Of course there was a recipe, in fact several, for an apple, berry, cherry pie! Yay. I set to work and produced one of my best pies ever! Cheers to all you podcasters and bloggers. I may quietly slip from your ranks one day. I think I’d rather concentrate on writing books!



Photo by Pixabay