Some time ago I mentioned that my friend, Carolyn, who teaches piano, and myself, (who doesn’t read music and plunks out tunes one note at a time) spent 2 years putting together a fabulous Easter musical called Glorious: An Easter Musical. There were two “almost” publishers…one got a divorce and closed the company and the other was too complicated to try to submit to. Every time we think we did it right, the publisher would come back and tell us we didn’t do it properly! We sought help, but it wasn’t enough so we withdrew from that company. Finally I heard of (under the platform of and the musical is listed under their banner as Taylor/Prentice Productions. It has languished until earlier this week when I was notified that a copy of the musical was purchased! I was over the moon! I have prayed for favor with whoever bought it, that they will put it on this Easter! It can be done with junior high school kids in regular clothes (Jesus in while pants and shirt) and a piano, or with one or two, or all of the nine instruments included in the piece. There are 13 wonderful songs, like: “Have You Heard of Him”; “I Want You to Want Me”; “Loaves and Fishes” (boy sings); “Imposter!” (3 Officials); “Lord, Is it I?”; “30 Coins of Silver”; “A Quiet Place” (Moving to the Garden of Gethsemane after the Last Supper); and “I Saw Him.”

I do hope whoever bought it will like the music. Since I don’t read or write music, I put quarter notes so I could remember the melody, and Carolyn would add the accompaniment. I wish I knew who bought it or if I could know if they are putting it on. I’d love to be a secret visitor in their audience just to see it performed!


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