It’s hard to believe that after all these years I’m still singing in a church choir! I’ve sung with Sweet Adelines, and the church I was in for 22 years had 120 or so in the choir. I didn’t do any solos there as I was too shy. But when I married in 1990 and we moved to Northern California, it was a small non-denominal church where I found myself doing solos and even singing for a wedding! In San Diego I ended up on a worship team and that was fun. Unfortunately the church folded and I did a couple of solos for the church I attended for 3 years after that. When they moved the church to Poway, (the pastor was driving to San Diego from Temecula!) I bowed out. It was too much of a drive every week for church. Then a friend invited me to my present church and I liked it right away. Especially when the pastor remembered my name the second time I came to church. Who does that?!

I find I can sing the higher notes easier than the lower notes. I can still hear my voice teacher years ago saying, “Up and over, Diana!” I didn’t take voice lessons because I had a great voice, but my mother, who sang light opera, told me my talking down in my throat (basically resting on my vocal chords) hurt her throat! It did help a lot. My church choir director is extremely talented and loves to have the orchestra as often as he can manage it. I don’t believe they play on a volunteer basis! I guess as long as the Lord gives me a voice I’ll stay. When I start croaking like Froggy the Gremlin (for those who remember him) I’ll bow out gracefully.



Photo by Nothing Ahead from Pexels