Years ago, like many children, I took piano lessons. Unfortunately, it was with an aunt who was a knuckle rapper if you weren’t positioned correctly. I laboriously learned “Fur Elise” for her recital. It was painstaking work but I did a passable job. Finally, I told my mother I didn’t want to take lessons from this aunt anymore, so she reluctantly let me quit. Then she decided that maybe I would enjoy just learning chording, which could help me maybe accompany myself. I enjoyed singing. She sent me to a friend of hers who taught piano this way and believe me, I did try hard. She also had a recital and I played…“Fur Elise.” End of lessons.

Now in my senior years I find myself writing music. The songs run through my head, first the words, and then the melodies. I can’t write music as I do not read music. A dilemma! Originally I had found a talented young man, John, from the music department of the college (2 blocks away). He was majoring in composition and was originally hired to put finishing touches on an Easter musical written with a talented musical friend. Then, when I started hearing these songs, I would put single notes on the lines of my music notebook to show how the melody was to go. Then I would sing the song into my phone and send it to John and amazingly he wrote the music, chords and all, and printed it in sheet music form. He then posted them on where musical artists can showcase their work. The first song was, “Abba My Father,” then “The Sound of Rain,” Find Us a Place” (Joseph’s song from a Christmas musical I started), then “Tell Them About Jesus,” and finally “Rain Down.”  So far, the Easter musical and the song “Abba My Father” have been purchased. I love music and am eternally grateful to the Lord for allowing me the privilege of being able to write music and even plunk them out on the piano using guitar chords. Better late than never!


Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay