Sometimes when we aren’t expecting it, God blindsides us! For those who are aware of my first children’s book, A Tiny Christmas I wanted to let you know that book #2 is in process. I have had a lot of fun with Mama Mouse! This time she helps a little girl, Sarah, find some friends, and it is called, obviously, “Finding a Friend.” A year ago I would never have considered a children’s book, after all, I wrote mostly historical fiction. Yet Mama Mouse intrigues me. Her character has become very dear to me, thanks to a very talented illustrator.

In looking back on how it all came together, it started with my Christmas poem a year ago. I usually write more religious poems for Christmas but found myself writing about a mouse seeking food for her five little ones for their Christmas dinner, and the book was born. Everything fell into place, a publisher, the right illustrator, the timing. I felt God was doing something here but didn’t know what. He’s turned me in a very different direction. I found that I was having a grand time with my little furry character. It’s turning into a series with book #3 in the wings. Hope you’ll stay tuned. I’ve heard from several doting grandmas at our church that their grandchildren love the book. It has a five-star rating on Amazon and I’m probably about as excited as one of those grandchildren!