Halloween: Harmless Fun or Risky Business?

HalloweenMost people consider Halloween to be a harmless occasion for children to wear costumes and collect candy. But there is a lot more behind the holiday—both historical and spiritual—that Christians may want to consider before deciding how and if their children should participate. In this book, you will learn about many traditions and superstitions associated with Halloween, including:

  •  Trick–or–Treating and Jack–o’–Lanterns
  •  Black Cats and Owls
  •  Fortune–tellers and Psychics
  •  Wicca and Witches
  •  Ghouls and Zombies

Join Diana Wallis Taylor in exploring the origins of Halloween customs and discovering what they mean for us today.

Whitaker House – July 14, 2014
ISBN 13: 9781629111643
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