Shadows on the Mountain

Shadows on the MountainOliver Thornwell leaves for Vietnam thinking that Kathryn, his young wife of five days has taken a check from his wealthy father and agreed to an annulment. Kathryn, horrified at the hard-heartedness of Oliver’s parents, throws the check away and returns to the home of her god-parents. When Oliver’s helicopter goes down, he is presumed dead by his family. Kathryn gives birth to a daughter and raises her is secrecy, fearing her father-in-law. When Oliver returns home after 25 years, with the help of the underground church, he faces not only a reconciled family and a daughter he doesn’t know he has, but brings a half-Vietnamese daughter he cannot leave behind.

Total Recall Press – December 3, 2013

ISBN-13: 978-1590950784

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