Another Book

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At my age, you’d think I’d rest on the laurels of the books I’ve already written, yet here I am with another deadline and deep in research. Writing is a joy and an occupation not confined to an age group. To see the words spring into being on the pages and trusting God to inspire me, is fulfilling in ways I cannot describe. Reading through previous books, it seems unreal that they came from my trusty laptop. Writing is a gift, like any other gift. I may have no success with gardening, or painting a picture. I’m sports and electronically challenged, and while I love to sing, the best instrument I play is the radio. I’m not a hiker, walker, runner or physical training enthusiast. I enjoy cooking, but with just the two of us, find myself staring at the refrigerator more frequently than a cookbook, hoping for inspiration. My active imagination has gotten me into trouble from time to time, but if I could not imagine or dream, I couldn’t write. My books portray women in ancient times that modern women can identify with;  The Samaritan Woman, Martha, Mary Magdalene, Claudia-Wife of Pontius Pilate, Ruth,  Mary, the mother of Jesus. Each one has become real to me as I delve into their history and bring them to life.  Age is only a number and I want to encourage those of you who feel you are too old to start that book you’ve always dreamed of writing … My first Biblical Fiction was published when I was 71. You can do the math. Start that story today!

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A Good Lesson

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In the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus said, “ Therefore, if you are offering your gift at the altar and there remember that your brother or sister has something against you, leave your gift at the altar. First go and be reconciled to them, then come and offer your gift.”

I had a breach with a family member. Worried about a situation, I had interfered and alienated that person. It had gone on a year and I didn’t know what to do. Finally I felt the Lord telling me to write a note of apology. My intentions had been good ones, and I didn’t feel I had done anything wrong. I just tried to help. That in itself was wrong. Advice should be given when asked for, not uninvited. After praying about it, I sat down and wrote a heartfelt note, apologizing for my interference. To my delight and relief, the other person accepted my apology and our relationship was restored.  For those of you who hate to apologize for something said, it is more than worth it to restore relationship with a loved one. I learned a good lesson. Don’t interfere, listen more than you speak, and don’t be afraid to say, “I’m sorry”.

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The Story in the Stars

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The Story in the Stars


Diana Wallis Taylor    12/16

The heaven’s declare the glory of God

For it’s written in the Word.

God showed the redemption story,

Before ever voice was heard.

In the constellation VIRGO

We are shown the promised seed.

A virgin shall conceive and bear

A Son to meet our need.

The love of our Redeemer

Who died to take our place,

That man’s sin might be covered

By everlasting grace.

LIBRA, scales of justice,

A price that must be paid.

A cross endured, a sacrifice

Redemption’s purchase made.

SCORPIO, the conflict,

The serpent-bitten heel.

Yet heaven’s sword is wielded

Sin burdens to repeal.

SAGGITTARIUS, the triumph,

The dragon is cast down.

His evil plot is vanquished

As he’s denied the crown.

CAPRICORN, the goat,

Sent off to bear man’s sin.

Now in its place, the Lamb of God

Bids new life to begin.

AQUARIUS , the blessings of

The water of the Word.

We plunge beneath to rise again,

New birth is our reward.

PISCES, blessings held for us

To loose us from our chains.

The Righteous One, Deliverer.

No trace of sin remains.

ARIES shows the dragon bound

And cast into the pit.

Mankind’s millennial reprieve

The world with peace alit.

TAURUS the bull, God breaking forth

In wrath His fury poured

Upon the hoards of unredeemed,

The judgment of the Lord.

GEMINI, the Prince of Peace

Redeems His fallen world.

He leads out heaven’s armies

His banner waves unfurled.

CANCER, God takes back his own,

And gathers flock to fold

In Armageddon victory

As prophets have foretold.

LEO, Judah’s lion.

He roars in victory.

God’s cup of wrath has been poured out,

And you and I are free.

So as you view the heavens

With the stars all shining bright,

Remember that they tell a tale,

Of grace and love tonight.

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Reflections as a Writer, part 5

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My college sojourn lasted only a year and a half.  By that time I was given a new respect and love for the Scriptures.  God’s Word was imbedded in my heart and a hunger was birthed to know His Word deeply and intimately. I had learned what God sought to teach me, to know His Word intimately and see the people presented in the Scriptures for the human beings they were.  I had spent hours studying, taking notes, taking tests, and hardly seeing my husband as I immersed myself in studies. Finally He released me from college studies to begin writing again.

As I began to write other books (six were Biblical Fiction, and I am working on my seventh) and delve into the Scriptures for insight into the women I was writing about, research became a joy.  I promised myself, and God, that while I had poetic license to add characters and dialogue, my stories would be true to incidents actually spoken of in the Bible. I felt the burden God had put on my heart was to take women who had been maligned, either in Scripture or in the well-meaning pulpits of the world, and show them as God saw them, with love and understanding.  I saw the woman at the well in the Gospel of John not as a prostitute or loose woman, but as someone who was a victim of the circumstances and times she lived in.  She was an overcomer, as Jesus urges us all to be.  Martha, a mover and shaker, was also a woman with a heart; Mary Magdalene was not a prostitute, the Scriptures never say that about her.  I had to then create the circumstances whereby Satan had access to her life—the seven demons.  Claudia is mentioned in the Bible in only one paragraph, but her background in history was fascinating and the story emerged.  Ruth was a joy to write and research, with a slightly unusual portrayal.  The Lord, who in a way I could not miss, put the subject of Mary, the mother of Jesus, firmly on my heart as my next book. With some reluctance in regard to the subject, I obeyed. Mary, Chosen of God, was challenging, enlightening and written with reverence.

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Reflections as a Writer, part 4

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In re-assessing the use of my gifts, I’ve come to the conclusion that perhaps they do indeed build the community.  If the words to a song can life someone’s spirits and encourage; if my testimony can draw the hungry soul of a woman to Christ; if reading about the woman at the well and her triumph over tragedy can cause the reader to reassess their life and realize God’s redemption, then I am doing the work God gave me to do.

If being willing to set aside other activities and accept instruction as a student, that I may know the Word of God in a clearer way, then my writing will reflect Christ.

I am giving back the gifts God has entrusted me with. I am benefiting my family, God’s household, by growing in the grace and knowledge of our Lord. Towards the end of my college sojourn, should I take the Bible proficiency test once more, perhaps I will find my thirst quenched by the waters of knowledge.

(to be continued)


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Reflections of a Writer, part 3

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All I was trying to do on my own strength, I needed to relinquish to the Holy Spirit.  It is the Spirit that helps me understand and receive God’s Word as truth. I wanted to be like a little child, as Jesus phrased it, and thought that was being open and eager to learn. How humbling to learn that Kingdom living means high service and high shame.  A child in Biblical times had no rights or status.  To become Teleios, I had to lay down what I saw as my rights as a Christian; to desire the meat of the Word.

As a soloist, speaker and author, ego does have a way of raising its ugly head. My “word child” was presented to the world, yet the book about the Samaritan woman could not be written until God had broken me and I knew her as well as I knew my own fallacies.  As to singing, a raspy throat reminds me that I am vulnerable and expendable.  Sharing my testimony at women’s luncheons was a blessing, but for which of these activities was God going to pat me on the back and say, “Awesome! Look how well you’ve done!”  The moment we feel we have arrived, Satan gains ground an rubs his hands with Glee.

What am I doing is as an individual, so how does community come into play? Gifts are not given to an individual for one’s own benefit.  One can sing, speak, write, but we do nothing to develop the gifts, and every believer has the responsibility to exercise their gifts for the body of Christ.

(to be continued)

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