A Heart-Breaking Moment

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This week a family member and his wife had to put down a beloved pet because the dog not only bit her 19 year old daughter, requiring stitches, but bit the ear of the puppy her daughter was protecting.  It is so hard to make a decision like this.  What is the right thing to do?  If the dog bites a person, will he bite again? According to a cousin who trains dogs, one of the causes for a dog to become aggressive is lack of exercise.  With all three family members working, the dog was in the yard, or when they were home, in his carrier in the house.  They lavished the dog with affection, he was never mistreated, but this was a dog with a lot of energy.  Many people, including myself, don’t realize this could be a problem.  If the energy has no reasonable outlet, the dog can become aggressive, mostly out of frustration.  I feel for my loved ones and their sadness at having to make this decision.  I have stood by the side of a beloved dog three times, all three occasions due to cancer, and talked to them and petted them as the vet administered the dosage that would put them to sleep. Though I had no choice, to save them from continued pain, it brought tears to lose an animal that had been part of the family for years.  So to my dear ones, I send prayers that God will comfort them and that the puppy that was saved will bring them much joy and healing.

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E-book Martha 99 cents

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E-book version of Martha: A Novel is on sale for 99 cents until July 31st!

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Done Fishin’

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For years I’ve gone to Alaska with my husband; Soldotna, Kodiak, Prince Edward Island, Petersburg, Anchorage, Denali, King Salmon and Cordova.  We’ve brought boxes of salmon and halibut home to stock our freezer.  This last trip, to Cordova, was our 13th year there and perhaps my last.  It rained, as it usually does, even in August in Alaska, for 3 days and since it was heavy rain, we stayed in the bed and breakfast, reading and my husband watching football and other programs. It was not much of a vacation and I felt I could do these same things at home! Finally, on the 4th day, the rain let up and I took the car for a drive to work off my cabin fever.  The river had subsided and fishermen were out so I went back and got my husband, helping him with his waders, and we went down to the river to fish.  Frank can catch fish when no one else can, so it was a surprise to fish for 3 hours with no luck!  We went to a lodge nearby and rented a boat thinking we would fare better out on the main river.  After getting all equipped, we headed out of the inlet where the boats were beached, about 600 yards down the main river and as I was throwing out the anchor, Frank turned and had a back spasm. He’s very strong and managed to get us back to the boat landing. The lodge owner and I helped him out of the boat, into the car and I drove him back to the B & B to rest.  The next day, feeling better, he went out to fish again, catching 2 small salmon that had to be thrown back, and two larger ones which he also threw back as there was no time to process them as it was late in the day and we were leaving the next morning.  For the first time in 13 years we came home with no salmon! I considered the week and the 3 planes it takes to get to Cordova, and decided my fishin’ days were done. Frank will go with friends in June back to Petersburg for halibut (all fishing done by boat) and with his son and his family to Cordova in August. I might mention that my husband is nearing 90 and he still enjoys fishing, I want him to go as long as he can.  I will stay home, tend the dog, the 3 chickens and 30 homing pigeons, and write!

I will be going to Alaska again, but my trip (also in June) will be on a Disney cruise when I will take my youngest grandson on his special trip (he’s 13) to the Inland Passage! We’re going zip lining in Sitka,  hiking the Mendelson Glacier in Juneau and will visit the animal sanctuary and raptor center in Ketchikan.  Now that’s a vacation!

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Journey To The Well e-book 99 cents

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The ebook version of Journey to the Well will be $0.99 from March 12 to March 18.
Use the links below on those dates to get the offer.
(participation in ebook promotions is up to the discretion of the individual retailer)
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ebook version of Martha: A Novel

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The ebook version of Martha will be 99 cents from January 24 to January 30.
Martha: A Novel
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There’s literary life after 70!

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I greet the new year with a bit of trepidation since my birthday follows the holidays in January.  This year I will be 78 but I don’t feel different. In many ways I am so thankful to be where I am.

A great family, grandchildren graduating from college this year and others starting college. Children are doing well at their respective occupations; Karen and Joey – motivational classes for Rapport Training International; Steve and Krystn – dedicated nurses; Brett and Natalie – partners in Hinck Electrical Contracting; Stepson Mike as CEO of Miller Marine, and wife Vicky a corporate CPA.  There are no problem kids among the grandchildren and I take my hat off to the parents for that.

I can also look back on a great year, another book finished and in process for publication:  Mary, Chosen of God, which will come out between August and November before Christmas. This makes ten books written in the last seven years, for which I am grateful to God and to the publishers at Revell, Whitaker House, Total Recall Press, Redemption Press, and one e-book through Book Baby on line. What greater gift could I ask for than to see my writing dreams come true. When I think of all the years going to writer’s conferences, badgering editors, going to workshops and honing my skills as a writer, it all seems worth the time spent.

I have a great agent in Joyce Hart of Hartline Marketing, who believed in me enough to see me through the first book, and the books that followed. She has been my agent and friend for many years now. How can I put a big enough measure of gratitude to someone who believes in you like that?

At our family reunion, I discovered my youngest granddaughter, age 14, is writing stories and it blessed me abundantly. If she takes that path I will cheer her on unabashedly!

I’m not sure what my next writing project will be, but know that God will make it clear and give me my subject just as He has done with my other books.  I wait in anticipation but with peace, knowing His timing is always perfect.

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