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A Friend is Moving

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I’ve lost two high school era friends to cancer, three ladies in my book club are gone, two to Alzheimer’s, and one to cancer.  Another long time friend is also dealing with Alzheimer’s.  Now my best friend tells me she is moving out of state to be near her son and his family. She has a unique low rent situation with church friends, but they are older and not well. Should something happen to one of them and their house  be sold,  she would be faced with having to suddenly find a place to live and she cannot duplicate her situation in San Diego’s rental market. In the state she is moving to, home prices are far less, and she has bought a cute little condo. I’m glad for her but sad for me. It is always hard to say goodbye to a friend. Yes, I know one day I can fly there and visit, but my husband is older and I don’t know what the New Year will bring.  Sometimes our lives seem like a series of partings. Our family moves, or neighbors move. We say goodbye to high school friends as we enter college and we go our separate directions. We say goodbye to a spouse, or a child leaving home for the first time, raring to get out into the world. Each parting takes a little piece of our heart. I wish my friend God speed, but part of me is having a pity party.

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Another Book

Posted on Feb 1, 2017 in Biblical Ficition, Faith, My Life, On Writing | Comments Off on Another Book

At my age, you’d think I’d rest on the laurels of the books I’ve already written, yet here I am with another deadline and deep in research. Writing is a joy and an occupation not confined to an age group. To see the words spring into being on the pages and trusting God to inspire me, is fulfilling in ways I cannot describe. Reading through previous books, it seems unreal that they came from my trusty laptop. Writing is a gift, like any other gift. I may have no success with gardening, or painting a picture. I’m sports and electronically challenged, and while I love to sing, the best instrument I play is the radio. I’m not a hiker, walker, runner or physical training enthusiast. I enjoy cooking, but with just the two of us, find myself staring at the refrigerator more frequently than a cookbook, hoping for inspiration. My active imagination has gotten me into trouble from time to time, but if I could not imagine or dream, I couldn’t write. My books portray women in ancient times that modern women can identify with;  The Samaritan Woman, Martha, Mary Magdalene, Claudia-Wife of Pontius Pilate, Ruth,  Mary, the mother of Jesus. Each one has become real to me as I delve into their history and bring them to life.  Age is only a number and I want to encourage those of you who feel you are too old to start that book you’ve always dreamed of writing … My first Biblical Fiction was published when I was 71. You can do the math. Start that story today!

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A Good Lesson

Posted on Jan 25, 2017 in Faith, My Life | Comments Off on A Good Lesson

In the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus said, “ Therefore, if you are offering your gift at the altar and there remember that your brother or sister has something against you, leave your gift at the altar. First go and be reconciled to them, then come and offer your gift.”

I had a breach with a family member. Worried about a situation, I had interfered and alienated that person. It had gone on a year and I didn’t know what to do. Finally I felt the Lord telling me to write a note of apology. My intentions had been good ones, and I didn’t feel I had done anything wrong. I just tried to help. That in itself was wrong. Advice should be given when asked for, not uninvited. After praying about it, I sat down and wrote a heartfelt note, apologizing for my interference. To my delight and relief, the other person accepted my apology and our relationship was restored.  For those of you who hate to apologize for something said, it is more than worth it to restore relationship with a loved one. I learned a good lesson. Don’t interfere, listen more than you speak, and don’t be afraid to say, “I’m sorry”.

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Hyper Piper

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We hadn’t planned on getting a puppy. Her picture on our neighborhood thread looked so much like our older dog, Chessie, when she was young, that we thought she’d be a good companion and give Chessie a little more energy!. The owner was going in for chemo and radiation and couldn’t keep her. She was beautiful, golden coat and a sweet nature and at first it seemed like a good idea. Chessie even tried to play with her. However, a puppy is a puppy and though she was 7 months old, she had more energy than I realized I could deal with. I was getting up at 5:30 in the morning to walk her since she was rattling her cage and whimpering to get out. (we had tried just letting her sleep in the living room with Chessie on their respective cushions, but if I wasn’t up early, she found things to do, like chew up the furniture, (two hundred dollars worth) Christmas arrangement on the coffee table, and the end of an antique family Bible we’d had for years! While it got me out walking and getting some exercise, it soon became old and I longed for the days when I could sleep another hour and have some coffee in my robe. Alas, after two months I was exhausted. We put an ad in our local neighborhood thread and the family that had almost gotten her, wanted to come and bring the golden retriever puppy they had gotten instead. The two dogs hit it off and proceeded to wear each other out playing.  With a touch of regret, but a sigh of relief, I got her bowl, toys, dog food and sleeping pad and waved goodbye. Our Chessie is almost 14 and I know someday she will leave us, but right now she is enjoying once again being our only dog, and I’m enjoying my coffee … in my robe.

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Doggie Doodles

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It has been a lovely, warm, sunny spring and early fall in San Diego, but things are getting a little dusty in the back country.  Prime time for fires.  I remember 2007 when there were seven fires burning in San Diego County at the same time.  The air had an acrid smell to it and the haze hung over the city like a shroud.  Hundreds of homes lost.  Out of the confusion, the local animal shelters were overrun with stray dogs and cats.  There is where we found our Chessie, a sheltie mix.  One and a half years old, frightened and looking so lost and when I saw her, I knew I had to take her home.  She’s been a great pet for 12 years and even plays with our new puppy dog.  She is slowing down like the rest of us, and losing her hearing. (she and my husband can commiserate).  I wonder if they make hearing aids for dogs?  It is a sad fact that we outlive our pets, yet I cannot imagine life without a dog in the house. Whether you are gone 10 days or 10 hours, their joyful bark, wagging tail and the light in their eyes when they see you, is something I never get tired of.  We always get a younger dog when our first dog gets older, first, to show the new dog the ropes and also to ease the lost of a dear and faithful friend when their time comes.  I wrote a story called “Kritters in the Kitchen, and Places in the Heart.”  Lots of animal stories.  I need to get back to work on that book!  My little new friend has her paws on my knee, and wants some attention.  I stroke her silky ears and tell her what a sweet dog she is.  It is enough. She wags her tail and goes off to find something else to chew on. Better do a house check!

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Hey, I’m an Author!

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At workshops I often tell the story of how my first book got published. It was the result of many years of trial and error and chasing down editors at conferences.  It was Journey to the Well and no one was doing Biblical Fiction.  It was finally suggested to me that I get an agent.  “No problem” said I, naively.  No one in Southern California was taking new clients, especially someone writing Biblical Fiction.  I flung up my hand towards the heavens and said, “If you want this book published, you have to find me an agent!”  In looking through the Christian Writer’s Market Guide one day, I kept coming back to an agent in Pittsburgh and felt strongly I was to call her.  Cross country, cold turkey.  To my amazement and delight, she liked the idea of my book and asked me to send 3 chapters that would stand her on her ear.  Whew! I must have picked the right chapters for we signed a contract and she’s been my friend and agent for 12 years.  She couldn’t place that first book, due to the market, so I went through Xulon Press so I could take the book with me on my speaking circuit for Christian Women’s Clubs. That’s where the ego trip began.  I forgot who the real author of the book was.  When I finally came to my senses and acknowledged Him as the One who had inspired me to write the book, the doors opened and Revell published Journey to the Well.  I never forgot after that to give glory where it was due!  Seven years and ten books later, I am more than happy to give God the credit.  He is the author and finisher of our faith, and giver of gifts.

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