A Tale of Perseverance

This week I was honored to be featured in the Run To The Finish Podcast by Carl Prude, Jr. We met at a conference where I shared my life’s story. Carl’s podcast of April 2, 2013 focuses on perseverance with my life as an example. The Run To The Finish...

Review of Mary Magdalene

Reviewed by Anne B. for Readers Favorite “There are many myths about Mary Magdalene. From the Scripture we know she was plagued by demons. Our Lord Jesus healed her and she followed him, was devoted to him and was one of his disciples. She was the first to see...

Response to Your Comments

It really encourages me to hear the good comments on Martha. Thanks for taking time to let me know what you thought. Diana Taylor

Reviews of Martha: A Novel

There are several new reviews of Martha: A Novel on Amazon.com as well as the Reader’s Favorite site. It’s nice to know that readers are enjoying my work!

Martha Review

The Reader’s Favorite site has a review of my book Martha. You can read it by following this link.