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Meeting Again!

My TOPS (Take Off Pounds Sensibly) weight loss group met again after a year, on Friday. Out of around 24 women, we had ten hardy souls. We spaced out chairs, and wore our masks, and instead of a program, we talked about how the COVID hiatus had affected us. Of course,...

Writing Songs

I do not read music or have the ability to write music. I haven’t the faintest idea where to put a half-note or a treble clef, etc. However, the Lord has decided to give me some songs. I wake up in the middle of the night with a melody running through my head, or...


They come in every variety of fabric, disposable ones, and ones you can wash. Some people use neckerchiefs or fabric that goes over the head they can pull up to cover their nose and mouth. The number of companies jumping on the bandwagon to produce masks has been...


When one reaches the 80’s it is nice to feel relatively healthy and able to do things, but there are things that no longer appeal! First, washing and vacuuming my car, which I did on a regular basis, seems like too much effort! There is a local car wash that does a...

The Best Ideas

Have you every pondered over a solution to a dilemma and searched for answers. Sometimes they come at unexpected times. My publisher said last fall that they didn’t want a proposal for another Biblical Fiction until this spring. The market for Biblical Fiction goes up...

My Books

About Diana

Diana Wallis Taylor was first published at the age of 12, when she sold a poem to a church newspaper. After receiving her B.A. in Elementary Education at San Diego State University, she was an elementary school teacher for 22 years, attended Bethel Seminary, sold real estate, opened two coffeehouse/used bookstores, and was a conference director for a private Christian college.

She has an extensive portfolio of published works, including nine novels of Biblical Fiction, three Contemporary Fiction novels, a book of poetry, a book on Halloween, an Easter Cantata, and several songs.  

She lives in San Diego, California with her puppy Maya.