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Still Writing Songs

Another song, "The Sound of Rain" made its way to my musical genius in Boston. John takes my chicken scratches and with a FaceTime call to go over the song, turns it into sheet music. Not sure what I'm to do with these songs, but I can report that one of them, "Abba...

Mini Road Trips

My friend Liz and I took the day to drive up to Julian in the mountains above San Diego and poke around town. We got there early so we could find a shady place to park for my little dog Maya. She is little (15 lbs.) and when she got tired of walking, I could put her...

Moving On

Another friend has moved out of state, Amanda to Idaho, a couple of months ago Vicki to Ohio, and now Carol to Colorado. Once again there was a lot of stuff to sort and throw away, items to take to the thrift shop and plenty of stuff to pack. My friend stayed with me...


Recently we had a recall election for the governor. Regardless of how one voted, the average person I talk to doesn't have much faith in the elections. Personally, I feel we should have stuck with just yes or no on the governor, and if he was ousted, let the Lt....


I have been fortunate indeed to find a wonderful agent to handle my manuscripts through the years. She has been my agent and friend for over 12 years. Recently she had the misfortune to break her hip and ended up in the hospital and then rehab. Something traumatic...

My Books

About Diana

Diana Wallis Taylor was first published at the age of 12, when she sold a poem to a church newspaper. After receiving her B.A. in Elementary Education at San Diego State University, she was an elementary school teacher for 22 years, attended Bethel Seminary, sold real estate, opened two coffeehouse/used bookstores, and was a conference director for a private Christian college.

She has an extensive portfolio of published works, including nine novels of Biblical Fiction, three Contemporary Fiction novels, a book of poetry, a book on Halloween, an Easter Cantata, and several songs.  

She lives in San Diego, California with her puppy Maya.