“Taylor has crafted a story that takes us deep into this woman’s life and experience in such a way as to draw the reader into the mind of the woman scorned. Taylor is a master storyteller. The thing that is most compelling about this book is that I actually believed I was reading a historical document rife with places and people I could not only understand and identify with, but that I believed. This is an easy read. You’ll find yourself so drawn into the story that you will be turning the pages just to find out what happens next. This one is going to find its way to a place where I can come back to it again and again, if for nothing else than to see and appreciate how a good book is written.”

Paul McSHane, Book Reviewer for Good News Etc. (A Christian Newspaper, cir. 45,000)

“Just wanted you to know that I read every word of your book and found myself unable to put it down! Unquestionably well researched and descriptively written.”

Rol Worth (self-proclaimed atheist)

“This story has been waiting two thousand years to be told. It is a beautiful love story background for one of the classic New Testament passages, “The Woman at the Well”. Realistic, exciting, it makes the Bible come alive. I wish I had written it.”

Dr. Sherwood Wirt, Editor Emeritus, Decision Magazine, Founder of the San Diego Christian Writer’s Guild. Author of 28 books.

“Diana, I am enjoying your book so much. It’s my bedtime reading. I’m about half-way through and I can hardly put it down. The writing is wonderful. The story is compelling and the history you have included is impressive. You must have done a lot of research into that period. It comes alive for me. I want to see it in movie form….I hope you receive many kudos for this fine story so beautifully written.”

Karen O’Connor, Conference Speaker, Author of over twenty books

“The story is full of interesting twists and turns – especially the end. The writing, as well as the character development, deepens as the book progresses. A good read. It made me want to get back to the book to see what happens next.”

Jan Medley, Free lance writer, desktop publishing