I’ve been writing since I was about 12 years old and had my first poem published in a church newspaper. I’ve written magazine articles, newspaper stories, poetry, and short stories, but never considered books. God had other plans and my first Biblical Fiction novel, The Woman at the Well, was published in 2009. I was 71. Since then, 11 more books have been published. My 12this at the publisher and I’m working on my 13thbook, this time for Guideposts. I love the research and the writing, and realize it is my way of sharing Christ with others. God has given me the privilege of writing these books and the Holy Spirit has inspired me. I don’t use storyboards or outlines, I just start writing and somehow I seem to know where the story is going.

When this last book is done, I’m considering writing my memoirs. It is called A Shadow Following and is about my mother and grandmother involved in the occult and how it affected my life growing up. Part of my story is in the Halloween book published by Whitaker House a few years ago. The concern for me now, as I get older, is deadlines. I want to travel and see my grandchildren and children. I will pray about it and stop only when God tells me it is time. In the meantime, I’ll continue to work on Abigail for Guidepost’s “Lesser Women of the Bible” series and wait on His timing.