We hadn’t planned on getting a puppy. Her picture on our neighborhood thread looked so much like our older dog, Chessie, when she was young, that we thought she’d be a good companion and give Chessie a little more energy!. The owner was going in for chemo and radiation and couldn’t keep her. She was beautiful, golden coat and a sweet nature and at first it seemed like a good idea. Chessie even tried to play with her. However, a puppy is a puppy and though she was 7 months old, she had more energy than I realized I could deal with. I was getting up at 5:30 in the morning to walk her since she was rattling her cage and whimpering to get out. (we had tried just letting her sleep in the living room with Chessie on their respective cushions, but if I wasn’t up early, she found things to do, like chew up the furniture, (two hundred dollars worth) Christmas arrangement on the coffee table, and the end of an antique family Bible we’d had for years! While it got me out walking and getting some exercise, it soon became old and I longed for the days when I could sleep another hour and have some coffee in my robe. Alas, after two months I was exhausted. We put an ad in our local neighborhood thread and the family that had almost gotten her, wanted to come and bring the golden retriever puppy they had gotten instead. The two dogs hit it off and proceeded to wear each other out playing.  With a touch of regret, but a sigh of relief, I got her bowl, toys, dog food and sleeping pad and waved goodbye. Our Chessie is almost 14 and I know someday she will leave us, but right now she is enjoying once again being our only dog, and I’m enjoying my coffee … in my robe.