The only problem with taking a hiatus from writing, even for a time of loss, is getting started again. The Lord has always put on my heart the next woman of the Bible I was to write about, but with Lydia finished and out in the stores as of October, my mind was blank. Prayers for inspiration seemed to be met with silence. Anyone out there identify with me? Waiting for that creative muse to awaken takes patience and trust. God moves in His own time. So I wait for the right time and title. The joy of writing about a character I know little about, and researching her to bring her to life is why I write. Someone once said a writer doesn’t write because they want to, they write because they have to. The story revolves in the mind and the characters begin to come to life. My goal has always been to take a woman in the Bible who has been perhaps portrayed in a negative way and show her heart. Mary Magdalene has usually been portrayed as a prostitute, but the Bible never says she was one. It took research into childhood trauma, migraine headaches, nightmares and epilepsy to show how she reached the state where Jesus found her and changed her life. Claudia had a one liner in the Scriptures, an obscure character until I learned who she really was, the granddaughter of Caesar Augustus. That’s the joy of research and creating a story around my character. So I wait on the Lord, and I know that in the right time I will know the lady waiting for me to tell her story.