For two years or more I’ve belonged to a TOPS weight loss group. It stands for Take Off Pounds Sensibly. They do not give out or advocate any particular diet plan, they are a support group. They give fellowship, encouragement, and help through the hard times of attempting to lose weight. My weight loss has been like a roller coaster. Lose a few pounds, gain a few pounds. Mostly due to lack of will power when it comes to sweets. We meet on Friday mornings but I had the idea that Fridays were a free day. Weigh in then eat what I pleased. Didn’t work! I couldn’t partake of sweets at various events during the week and then diet like crazy the last day before weigh-in! Finally I asked the Lord to give me wisdom in what I ate. Just because there was a yummy cake at a birthday party or cookies at Bible study, I didn’t need to have any. My goat is only 17 pounds away, but that last is the hardest. My daughter and I are going to Scotland the end of August, so Diana, get yourself in hand and be discerning in your eating! The goal is so close, let me be motivated by finally reaching it!!