I love the sounds of Christmas music, the colorful lighting on houses around the neighborhood. Santa and reindeer, along with snowmen and deer, are lit up on people’s lawns. One street in our neighborhood attracts people from all over the city. Every house has moving figures and many decorations. In another neighborhood, on Christmas Eve, they line their porches and driveways with luminaries; paper bags with sand and a lighted candle. Some families sell hot cider and hot chocolate as people stroll around. Our big city park, Balboa Park, now has “December Nights” when all the international houses show how they celebrate Christmas. The event used to be called “Christmas in the Prado” which was more in keeping with what it is all about. However, someone was evidently offended at the mention of Christmas with a city event, and the name was changed. Someone is always getting offended and we are so politically correct that we accommodate them! Like the tail wagging the dog. However, it is not the time of the year to be upset. We go with the flow and enjoy the Christmas events. Many churches have musical programs. A friend and I went to see “Twisted” a musical at C-3 Church. It was quite a production and kept you intrigued throughout the entire musical; very original play! A friend of ours played an angel, but they were like no angel you imagine. All very well done and the message was clear. The pastor talked with the audience afterward and several people made that commitment to receive Christ as their Savior. What a blessed evening! It was worth wading through the rain to get there.

God bless each of my readers this beautiful season, may you experience joy and laughter, and may 2019 hold all you hope for. Be safe if traveling and treasure your families. Remember those who are alone at this time of the year, and if any are estranged from family members, may it be a time of healing and good will and love.