Our family is pretty small. It was just Frank and I in San Diego and my youngest son, Brett and his wife Natalie in Spring Valley. Many a Christmas and Thanksgiving was quiet. When Brett married Natalie, he also married into a large, loving family. They immediately drew us in and we enjoyed the Thanksgiving with Natalie’s brother John and his family, and Christmas morning brunch with Natalie’s dad and stepmom. I have been informed that I am part of their family and it warms my heart. When I was married the first time, there were at least 35 people at Thanksgiving and Christmas. After the divorce there were four of us, me and the kids. Now I share an early Christmas dinner with my oldest son in Simi Valley, and join Natalie’s family for the two holidays. My daughter is in Florida, so it’s hard to get together, though Frank and I flew to Chicago a few times when Karen and her family were there. I don’t like to fly to the east coast during Christmas due to plane delays and bad weather. I’ll take a train cross country in March to see them then.