While I am pleased with the picture taken a couple of years ago by a professional photographer for my website, perhaps it makes me appear younger than I am. I did ask him not to touch it up. Living to a ripe old age seems to run with the women in my family. My father had one sister who lived to 100, and two more who lived within weeks of 100. Perhaps my biggest problem with the picture is that I regularly get friend requests from nice, eligible men, mostly widowers. Due to an unfortunate incident, I became aware of phishing. The person behind the picture was not who they appeared to be. I answered one request, a picture of a little girl about 10. When I asked her what her age was, the answer was 56! It was a man. Got rid of that one and ever since I automatically delete any male requests. I will only friend someone I know or have met. A lot of my friends have this same problem. We are not interested in dating sites and yet one has to be wary of accidentally responding to a friend request from someone they think they know. The internet can be perplexing and frustrating. I’m not on Twitter, Instagram, or any of the other social media sites other than Facebook and if I didn’t have a professional page and an author page as well as a family page, perhaps I wouldn’t be on that either. My daughter seemed surprised that I didn’t instantly check my Facebook page or cellphone upon rising in the morning. Sometimes I don’t check Facebook for a few days. I do check mail and messages, when I remember. Sometimes I feel like I’m crawling into the electronic age on my hands and knees! Oops, my cell phone is beeping. Now does that sound mean mail or a text or? I forget.