There are people out there, like my late husband, who just draw a line at the balance the bank is showing and move on. Other people, like me, have to balance every single month. This is a carry-over from the days when I was a single mom with three kids and little income. I had to know exactly what I had. I will spend a couple of hours running down a discrepancy and it has to balance to the penny before I am satisfied. My wastebasket has been known to be full up with adding machine tape!

As a believer, there are two things I believe strongly in; “Owe no man” and “Bring your tithes into the storehouse.” With two cataract surgeries, and additional cost due to the fact that I didn’t have “virgin corneas” due to Lasik surgery ten years before, it ran up my credit card. I’m endeavoring to pay it down as soon as possible, and then pay off the balance each month. The other non-negotiable is tithing. We are admonished to do this, not because we can give any money to God, but because He wants to bless us. He says he will open the windows of heaven and pour down a blessing on us. He wants to prosper us and we give because everything we have is God-given in the first place. He wants to double and triple our gift, but if it is nothing, even doubled and tripled, it is still nothing. Sometimes we give in faith, when we don’t think we have it to give, but I saw God multiply my funds and provide from unexpected sources when I had so little to spend. Friends bought unexpected groceries, gave me a check for $100 to get my eyes checked when it appeared I needed glasses for my music in the choir. Other friends fixed my car and helped in other ways. It was my friends at church who had my back. What I had in my checking account and what was provided, blew me away so many times. I hope others will read those two scriptures and take them to heart. God is just waiting to pour His blessings out on those who will take Him at His word.