Driving down the streets, it is so delightful to see all the Christmas decorations up already. My church is having a musical Christmas program on the 12th and I’m enjoying singing in the choir. Each week our Pastor lifts Christ up and the church has planted 19 churches across the sea. I love the Christmas hymns and there is a joyous feeling to be celebrating the night our Lord was born. My book club is reading my book, Mary, Chosen of God again, written from Mary’s perspective. Reading it again, I see her again in her humanity.

A friend who is also my handyman, came over to put up my Christmas lights across the front of the house. He also got down my Christmas bins down from a shelf in the garage. There is no place to put them half-way down the ladder, you must hand them down to someone. I vowed to get rid of some things this year and managed to fill a bag with ornaments and other decorations that have no sentimental value. Our TOPS group (Take Off Pound Sensibly) has a chip auction every so often to get rid of the poker chips we earn for various things in the group. We bid on other people’s white elephants and the bidding gets hilarious! I was given two Nativity Scenes by a friend; one was way too large for my small house and there was no room for the other one. I’m taking them to the chip auction! My friends know I collect nativity scenes, but I stick to small ones, and at last count I have over 30 of them.

My house is ready for Christmas and it’s nice to look around and see all my special Christmas treasures about the house. A friend is arriving for a week on the 13th so I made sure the guest room was decorated. I have a few stuffed animals but have to be careful where I put them or my little dog, Maya, thinks they are for her! When Karen and I were shopping in Palatka, she got some little stuffed moose for the grandchildren. They were so cute she got me one! They smell like chocolate so since my little moose is brown, it is a chocolate mousse!



Image by Chris Tweten from Pixabay