When I was working at the college many years ago. A group came to the campus and did a seminar on Living Trusts.  It was enlightening and at the same time very disturbing when they shared some stories of what happens after a parent or loved one dies. The formerly loving family that always got along suddenly become vultures swooping in for what they consider “their share:”  I shared the information with my father that November and told him how he could designate everything exactly as he wanted it.  He agreed and did a very fair Living Trust to leave for my brother and myself, making us co-executors. He died the following February and the fur hit the fan.  Needless to say someone wanted to be in control and it wasn’t me.

It was a very unhappy and difficult time and it didn’t need to be, but at least I was protected by the Trust.  I would advise anyone with any property, a home, rentals, etc. to do a Living Trust.  It saves a lot of grievance later on as to what should be done with the estate and personal property.  Now with my husband gone, there were issues but they were resolved amicably. All things can be handled with grace and a lot of prayer.

In any situation bitterness and offence has no place in the life of a believer.  When we put God in charge, He has the answers we need and gives us peace in our spirit to handle anything the enemy throws at us.