They come in every variety of fabric, disposable ones, and ones you can wash. Some people use neckerchiefs or fabric that goes over the head they can pull up to cover their nose and mouth. The number of companies jumping on the bandwagon to produce masks has been mind-boggling. The big box stores have infinite varieties and even small gift stores have their boutique masks. Due to a near drowning accident when I was about 10, I have an aversion to having anything that covers my face. (I did not go in the ocean for 20 years after that!) This precludes snorkeling and diving. I have trouble with panic attacks! What to do to make sure I am in compliance with the rules? Out of respect for fellow shoppers, I make sure to put one on to enter a store. Although others are wearing masks, the 6 feet distance rule in most major stores is pretty sketchy, and not always followed. We sidestep each other or turn away as they pass. When I walk my little dog along the bay path, I do not wear a mask. Walking requires energy and I get short of breath. I turn away or move out of the way of other walkers, bikers, etc., and find I am not the only one who does not wear a mask outside in the fresh air. My oldest son is a nurse in ICU who works with Covid 19 patients and has had the virus himself. He tells me not to wear a mask when I am exercising due to the increased heart rate. I wondered why I was getting lightheaded! When I see someone running or jogging with a mask on, I do wonder how it affects them. How long we will be wearing masks for our daily life, we don’t know. I do pray that the pandemic will eventually subside and the powers that be will in time relent. It is encouraging to see businesses and restaurants begin to open again. A bit of encouragement in a troubled and difficult season.



Image by Tumisu from Pixabay