I have been fortunate indeed to find a wonderful agent to handle my manuscripts through the years. She has been my agent and friend for over 12 years. Recently she had the misfortune to break her hip and ended up in the hospital and then rehab. Something traumatic like that can muddle one, and I know she is concentrating on getting well and getting back home. The problem is, I have two book proposals out and it has been almost three months. I need to be understanding and wait for her to get better, which I know will be soon, but as a writer, my “word children” are on my mind. The publisher that saw the one proposal and wanted to see the manuscript…have they read it? What was the verdict? Then there is the proposal for a fun series that was to be sent to my old publisher, Revel. Was it sent or? I don’t know. If I were in Joyce’s shoes, I would want friends and family to be understanding and wait till I was better and ready to handle things more. I have been praying and that is what God is showing me I need to do. He accomplishes all things in his own time. The book I’m working on, “House of Little Doors” is a little bit like the popular “Mitford Series” about people in a small mountain community. Whatever happens, I’m having fun working with my characters and plotting. For now, it keeps my mind busy!



Image by Markus Winkler from Pixabay