Another year and now I’m 84. I don’t feel 84, I feel more like I did when I was 50 or 60. I see friends passing away or dealing with major medical problems and have certainly become aware of my own mortality. I’m grateful to God for basically good health. I cannot remember when I last had a cold, I haven’t had the flu in almost 50 years, I take my vitamins and walk my little dog in the afternoons, deep breathing as I walk. In a time when there is so much negative news, I find I do better when I thank God for all He has given me. I have a nice home, friends, food on my table, a sweet little furry companion who follows me everywhere, and a loving family. That is much to be grateful for. I was able to Zoom with my daughter in Florida Christmas morning, go to a brunch at my youngest son’s Christmas morning, and host some others who would be alone on Christmas in the late afternoon. It was a full but satisfying day. The week before, I hosted my oldest son, Steve, who drove down from Simi Valley (near LA) and my daughter-in-love, Vicki, wife of my stepson, Mike. She brought the two kids, who aren’t really kids anymore. Maddie is teaching over in Hawaii, and Alex is in his senior year at SDSU and 6’ 4”!! Steve hadn’t seen him since he was about 10 and they had a lively conversation. New Year’s Eve, I had some other friends over for a potluck dinner and watched the ball drop in New York, at 9:00 pm our time.



Image by Markéta Machová from Pixabay