When my agent and a publisher talked about my manuscript, the problem seemed to be that I didn’t have a platform! Ah, no traveling to speak of, no book tours, so what is the answer? They decided I should have a podcast. Oh, no problem, a podcast. It seems easier to say than to do.

My old computer, an 8-year-old Mac Pro, is dying and the sound is horrible, so I ordered a desktop to change things up. When it arrived, I had misunderstood the size. It was like the elephant on my desk! I packed it up and shipped it back. All 18 pounds of it! Then I decided, I’ll just go down to the local office supply and get a PC laptop. I couldn’t navigate! After a morning of frustration, I took it back. Now I am in the process of procuring another Mac Pro. Also, a laptop, but at least I’m familiar with its programs.

Now the matter of the podcast hangs over my head like the proverbial Sword of Damocles. Gotta get it going. As soon as the Apple store transfers my data to the new computer, I’m in business. At least I think so. Still have to hook up and do the first podcast. Watched a video on how to do a first podcast and he lost me after about three minutes. In any case, I’m determined! I’m excited and grateful for all of you who have let me know you want to tune in. I’m aiming for next week if all my ducks are in order.



Image by Markus Winkler from Pixabay