When my agent mentioned that because I don’t have a “platform” anymore (read not doing speaking engagements) he suggested I start a podcast. Now mind you, I’m really electronically challenged, and what it takes the average young person five minutes to do, I slaved over! It did not take 5 minutes! I finally got a tutor, a young student from the nearby college who helped me put together and send out my first podcast. Whew! I can do this, right?  Then the next week was midterms, and then spring break. No tutor for the 2nd podcast. I did manage to upload the second one, and it had to be with God’s help, as I wasn’t sure what I was doing! It is rather fun when I get going, and I’m enjoying sharing on different aspects of writing Christian fiction, yet some of my friends would like to tune in! Oh, you want to FIND my podcast. I started on RSS.com, then added Apple and Reason.com. Looking at Spotifiy next. What in the world did I get myself into? It IS important that people can find me and listen to what I’m sharing, yet that seems to be my current hurdle.  It also requires typing up what I want to say and making sure it fills the allotted 12 minutes (which is what I set for myself). They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but not considering myself and old dog yet, I’m tackling podcasting with glee! My kids just shake their heads and one said, “Go for it, Mom!”



Image by Tumisu from Pixabay