On January 13th my family gathered at the home of Brian, my daughter’s adopted son in Chula Vista, for our first reunion in 6 years. All my grandchildren were there except two, one had to work and the other was in a program. I hadn’t seen my oldest granddaughter in 5 years and my oldest grandson and his wife in almost 6. Mexican food was brought in that was delicious and there was a pool table, (I learned how many of my family are pool sharks!) fire pit, and giant TV for the little ones. It was so nice to visit with my family! They played a game trying to pop the other person’s balloon that was tied to their ankle and it was hilarious.

The next day, on Saturday, my family, friends, and neighbors came to help me celebrate my 85th birthday and we had 50 people in the house in spite of the rain! I opened the garage and some gathered there to catch up on family news. The family was there from Virginia, Chicago, Florida, Utah, and Laguna Beach, Glendale, and Simi Valley, CA. We had a wonderful time and I felt very blessed to have my family around me. The cake was raspberry and lemon with shaved white chocolate on it. My son-in-law, Joey, made a wonderful tray of cheeses, fruit, and nuts and we had bacon-wrapped water chestnuts and meatballs with apricot jam melted over them in a crockpot. What a fun day!



Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels