Working with the illustrator for my little mouse book has been enlightening. Someone suggested they should wait until the book comes out and get their fees then. I looked into that but these illustrators don’t work that way. They get paid upfront whether a publisher pays for the production of the book or not. They have bills to pay too. My illustrator, Mike S. is very flexible and very talented. I make suggestions on the drawing and he makes the changes. I love Mama Mouse! It’s nice to know that we are literally on the same page. There are 12 more pages to illustrate and I’m looking forward to seeing A Tiny Christmas come together. It will be out by fall 2023 so I hope that if any of you  who have small grandchildren who love picture books will check it out!

I was twiddling my thumbs wishing for an interesting project to occupy me and all was quiet for the last couple of years. My most recent publisher no longer did fiction. My most recent book, Pursued by a King was written for Guideposts. Now it appears that I have more than enough to do; a children’s book, re-writing a former manuscript and teaching a series. Beware what you wish for!



Image by Albrecht Fietz from Pixabay