Sometimes called the Pageant of the Masters, it is an amazing event held in the beach town of Laguna Beach. It brings in thousands of tourists every summer in the months of July and August. This year is the 90th year of the Pageant. Not only are there interesting shops to poke in, but there is the Art-a-Fair with many artists exhibiting their work; the Sawdust Festival down the street with more artists and vendors; and the Pageant grounds. One has to submit their work to the Festival committee and only the crème de la crème of the artists are allowed to exhibit there every year. I realize we all have different tastes but I look at some of the exhibits and wonder. The Pageant itself starts at 8:30 pm and lasts until 10:30 pm. It is truly an eclectically collection of statuary, paintings, murals, and in some cases, live action. The orchestra has special music for each viewing and the narrator alternates between seriousness and humor.

Usually they take one painting and show you how it is done. They roll out the set, bring the models in and make sure they are placed correctly, lower the backdrop (painted to match the backdrop of the original painting), close in the adjustable frame, and then they black out the stage on come on with the correct lighting. There is always a gasp from the audience as it now looks like a life-size painting! To say I love the Pageant and Festival is probably an understatement. I am 85 and I was running the cotton candy booth for Job’s Daughters when I was 12. My uncle was head of security, my cousins worked security, modeled in pictures, as did my mother, and I also ushered with a smock and an artist’s tam on my head. I still find it fascinating.