I don’t like spiders! That is a given, but there is a little brown spider that fascinates me. She spins an intricate web between my rubber tree and the edge of the roof every evening. I watch her work away, going round and round. Then she sits in the middle of the web, waiting for her dinner. I am hoping she is catching the little white moths that I believe are turning the leaves of the rubber tree yellow. The deck and yard are littered with them! I pick them up, every two weeks the gardener picks them up, and yet the next day there are more. I’m beginning to believe it I a leaf vendetta! In any case, when morning comes, my little spider packs up her web and disappears, I think behind leaves in the rubber tree. I could take a broom and banish her forever, but for some reason I wait for her every evening to build her web and settle in for the night.

Now spiders in my house are a different matter. They go to spider heaven. No negotiations.



Image by Ted Erski from Pixabay