The women of our church had a half-day retreat up in Julian, a mountain community above San Diego. It featured 3 speakers, coffee and goodies to start, and then a delightful lunch. I almost didn’t make it as the battery in my car decided it didn’t want to work that morning. I had to wait for AAA to get to me and start the car. I was almost an hour behind, but my dear friend, Liz waited for me at the church and we drove up the mountain hoping it was long enough to charge the battery so I dared to shut it off when we got there. After the retreat, it did fire up and I headed to my son’s in Spring Valley.

While at the retreat, they had a sign-up sheet for people who wished to be discipled (learn more of the Bible on a one-on-one basis). There was also a column for those who were willing to disciple another woman. I found myself signing up to disciple and wondered who I would end up with. Her name is Lilly and we have had a grand time, sometimes meeting for coffee and sometimes for lunch as we go over our study booklet together. At home we have looked up the Scriptures and answered the questions individually. I don’t consider myself an expert on the Bible, but after researching the backgrounds of 9 women in the Bible, I hope I can help answer her questions. In the meantime, we are learning a lot together and we both have found a new friend.



Image by Angela from Pixabay