For some time now, I’ve had fun sharing a blog with friends and interested readers, but I am wondering if it is worth continuing. Who is reading, and should I continue?!

If any of you wish, let me know what you are reading. Send a comment to my e-mail address: I want to continue my series on women of the Bible and why that character was chosen. The research was always enlightening and sometimes history disagreed with the way that woman was portrayed in the Scripture. I always made it a point to follow the Scriptures as closely as possible, but so many times we just got a snippet or a short paragraph about an incident, and the rest was left to our imaginations or a commentary.

As I may have mentioned, Mary Magdalene was delivered of seven demons. It says nothing about her being a prostitute…anywhere, yet in films and books, that is how she is portrayed. I often wondered who first decided on that portrayal of her. The woman of Samaria had an in-depth conversation with Jesus at the well that was profound, and she tells the village people he told her all she ever did. All Jesus said to her was to go get her husband and then told her she had five husbands and the one she was with is not her husband. I don’t think that is “all she ever did.” I am not casting aspersions on the Scriptures, but while it mentions many significant women in the Bible, it doesn’t tell us a great deal about them. This gives a writer a lot of latitude, provided they are respectful in portraying that character. I pray that in my books I have done that. Starting at the end of this month I’ll be teaching a series at my church for nine weeks called “Nine women of the Bible, as you never knew them.” Should be fun!



Image by Sophie Janotta from Pixabay